Welcome to Mary G

Please make yourself at home here on my sacred site and take advantage of everything I have to offer.

We are all one people living in this country we call home. But we must respect our Indigenous people and all other ethnic groups that make up our country. Australia is like combination fried rice, all mixed up but plenty of flavour. Whaddayow.

There is a greater energy, spirit that is at work in the world around us and we must identify and learn to live with this.

Please visit my new shop to purchase what I have on offer or book me for your next event or festival or even just communicate with me.

This is an evolving space, like mankind. Here's the goss on me:

  • Continue touring on demand as a solo act or with my hot band The G-Spots 
  • Host of a new TV talk show Straight Shootin 
  •  My new album Pardon My Passion 
  •  My role in Stone Bros movie as Aunty Carol. I had great fun! 
  • Writing my own feature length Mary G movie and a new TV show 
  • Launch of my new record label Whaddayow Music 
  • Stock up my shop with more goodies for you 
  • Promote well being amongst our people

Mary G

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Queen of the Kimberley

Mary G

My dream is for recognition and reconciliation by Australia for our Indigenous people and also the recognition that Australia was built by multi-cultural people. I am called the Big Black Queen of the Kimberley and I am the closest thing to Royalty in the country as I am the unofficial Queen of Australia and the Queen of the people of the Kimberley.

Entertainer & Producer

Mark Bin Baker

Mark is an accomplished singer songwriter and has the capacity to appear as a entertainer in his own right. He is a public speaker mainly on Indigenous issues that he is passionate about including health, empowerment and well being. He talks about Indigenous issues including health, empowerment and well being. He is also a sound recordist, composer, Television/Film writer, Director and Producer.

Benefitting the Kimberley

The Mary G Foundation

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