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Hi, I'm Mark

I am a Kimberley person married to a Noongar woman living together for 27 years. I have two sons with my wife.

I am dedicated to all aspects of social and economic success for our Indigenous community. I am also very committed, conscious and passionate about the health, well being and social developments of our WA community and Australia as a whole.

My mother was taken away from Halls Creek at the age of three so I understand the plight of the stolen generation. I was born in Derby and I spent most of my childhood in Broome and am fully aware of the uniqueness of who we are as Aboriginal people, recognising and identifying the extended families through the Kimberley. We are all connected up.

I have also lived in Perth for over 12 years in which I have established family ties through my wife's extended families and I have credibility within the Noongar community. I am passionate and committed to promoting beneficial awareness. I have continued the Mary G character in radio, live performance and appearances and corporate video as well as video for TV because I am committed to making a difference.

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I believe there are many alternative approaches to health, well being and social developments are integral to achieving a healthier community. They go hand in hand and are not separate. The key is the willingness to look at health as a holistic issue:

  • Mental well-being;
  • Self empowerment;
  • Positive self esteem;
  • Preventional medicine;
  • Self-awareness;
  • Education;
  • Appreciation and understanding that rules are for safety and population management;
  • Ownership of responsibility.


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