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Creator of Mary G

I am a Kitja man who has been a major contributor to the Kimberley, Western Australia and Australia through the Arts and Media. I am a committed person and have a state and national profile through my character Mary G.

I have access to a national satellite and radio network broadcasting 52 nights of the year, once a week every year since 1992. I am a live performer and a television presenter, and have won a number of awards over the years. I am also a writer, director and producer of film and video. I have had three documentaries and two series of 6 episodes each on national television.
I established and created the nationally acclaimed Stompem Ground Festival. I have events management skills along with public speaking and submission writing abilities. You can watch the ABC Message Stick program here

I see an important role for Mary G as a voice for the empowerment of our people through self esteem, education and awareness of issues. Mary G is a great tool which can assist in attacking the ignorance and anti-social behaviour of many young people. Mary G has a history and proven track record that has the ears of Indigenous Australia listening, laughing and learning. Not to mention the mainstream...


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