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Mary G is the best

Mary G is the doctor’s prescription for depression
She will lift you higher and higher
The best heavenly prescription Sylvia Seaton (Palm Island) - Saturday 3/9/11

The Mary G Foundation Feather

The feather has long held a special place in world cultures as a symbol of awareness, light, hope and flight, whilst orange is the colour of creativity, curiosity, vitality and endurance.

In Mary G’s feather boa an orange feather also represents fun!

As the symbol of the Mary G Foundation, the orange feather carries our hopes to assist Aboriginal Australians to soar.
The feather has a strong back bone that allows it the freedom to sway serenely with the wind whilst using its plumage to guide, speed and fly.
This is a metaphor for the Mary G Foundation. We aim to contribute the positive change for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia by being the backbone that supports a greater sense of empowerment and by facilitating culturally appropriate ways of doing business, assisting Indigenous people to prosper and develop a true sense of self worth, by targeting improved health outcomes and growing the arts industry, particularly the performing arts.
The feather is like Australia's Aboriginal people, very fragile yet very strong. The rejuvenation of Indigenous identity is vitally important to our place within the Australian landscape and will assist Australia to work towards a Reconciled future by celebrating the uniqueness of the ancient peoples of our country as the oldest living continuing culture.



Objects of the Mary G Foundation

The objects for which the company is established are to pay and apply its income and property to or for, and otherwise promote, the public charitable objects and purposes listed below:

  1. to provide direct relief from poverty, sickness, suffering, destitution, misfortune, distress and helplessness or other disability of Indigenous Persons including: 1a: to promote the advancement and wellbeing of Indigenous Persons, 1b: to improve the quality of life of Indigenous Persons, 1c: to develop and encourage educational, cultural and artistic activities for the benefit of Indigenous Persons, 1d: to maintain, develop and enhance cultural traditions, language and customs of Indigenous Persons, 1e: to develop and implement economic and social projects for Indigenous Persons, 1f: to seek beneficial justice for Indigenous Persons regarding the removal of children from their parents, 1g: to raise the health of Indigenous Persons including mental health and wellbeing;

  2. to promote the understanding and support of the rights of Indigenous Persons;

  3. to achieve justice and equalty for Indigenous Persons including:-
    3a: promoting further understanding of and support of the legal rights of Indigenous Persons;
    3b: dentifying, highlighting and eradicating discrimination against Indigenous Persons;
    3c: creating and enhancing awareness of the contribution made by Indigenous Persons in Australia;

  4. promoting art and cultural activities by Indigenous Persons including:-
    4a: the promotion of music, entertainment and other associated presentations in isolated communities for the purpose of providing for the wellbeing and empowerment of Indigenous Persons in those communities;
    4b: the promotion of new and emerging artists, musicians, dancers and other performers including recording and marketing so as to enhance their careers and skills;
    4c: the creation of training and career paths for Indigenous Persons within the media and performing arts sector;
    4d: assisting in managing and coordinating tours for Indigenous Artists for advancing their careers;
    4e: the development of concerts and festivals for the purpose of marketing and promotion of Indigenous Artists;
    4f: providing touring work-shopping and recording opportunities and facilities for Indigenous Artists,

  5. researching, recording and collating the life stories of Indigenous Persons to preserve the cultural and historic conditions of Indigenous Persons; and
    relieving, alleviating and preventing the disadvantage or affliction of Indigenous Persons. 


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