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Mary is a naïve, witty and lusty Aboriginal woman from the Kimberley. She has no allegiance with any one language group however she is connected to most of them. The Mary Gedarrdyu show, both on TV and Radio, keeps people in touch with each other, from community to community, across the nation. Mary is a strong supporter of respect of youth and self esteem, but also promoting respect for elders of all generations. Mary is also an advocate for women and a strong supporter of Women’s rights and positive role they play in society. Culture and understanding of Indigenous issues is a high priority for Mary Gedarrdyu and this is the message of all her work, in TV, Radio or live on stage.

The Mary Gedarrdyu Radio program provides the community with a communication mechanism that is culturally appropriate, authentically dynamic, humorous and informative. Most importantly the Mary Gedarrdyu program ignites laughter and joy. It has been reported that some communities come together on the night of the broadcast, on occasions having a community bar-b-que making the broadcast a family and community event. This type of penetration into communities and homes is invaluable when messages use broadcast to influence and educate people about Indigenous issues.

The Mary Gedarrdyu radio program has gained massive popularity throughout Australia. The impact of Mary has expanded beyond the radio sphere after two successful series of The Mary G Show on SBS television. This took Mary G to a broad audience across Australia, way beyond the Indigenous communities where her popularity started, bringing the essence and cultural diversity of Mary and her Kimberley community to city-based audiences. Mary G is in hot demand for live appearances at festivals, community events and as an advocate for a variety of issues at an array of functions. Mary’s appeal is her political and social awareness, and the human touch that allows her to sit down and create dynamic dialogue with a broad range of people, at the same time as making everyone laugh.

The Mary G Live is a personal interaction for audiences and guests to take part in a version similar to the TV show but to a live audience. This features Video screen projections of Yarns, race around the communities etc that will break the show up into a live variety show. The guests are from the community and the artists that perform are from the community. This gives a sense of localism whilst still providing an evening of mayhem and laughter. Mary G performs her songs with her group the G Spots. The Mary G show is a cultural experience which comes from the perspective of its Indigenous people.


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