Mary G Foundation


We aim to support agencies and organisations to deliver adequate health services to all Aboriginal people, especially those in remote areas. We will be a leader in communicating important health messages at the grass roots level.


At the Mary G Foundation we develop a true understanding of the legacy of suffering that has been imposed on Aboriginal people throughout Australia. We support our people and nation through an effective Reconciliation process.


At the Mary G Foundation we develop and deliver educational campaigns to improve indigenous educational outcomes. We promote programs of reconciliation and cultural engagement within the wider community and the corporate sector.

Performing Arts

We provide a conduit for Aboriginal artists (existing and aspiring) to learn, improve, perform, produce and publish their works. We support and encourage artistic independence and value creativity so that artists see themselves as a true artistic commodity rather than a novelty.

Core Values

Our core values of integrity and credibility drive us to deliver on this promise. It is an absolute non-negotiable for the Foundation and every person involved signs up to this promise.

Foundation Commitments

The following supporting commitments will provide direction to the organisation for governance, capability and integrity.

  • TMGF will always consider cultural issues and protocols when developing and delivering our objectives.
  • TMGF will be a leader in making a difference in the spheres in which we operate
  • TMGF will be financially responsible and, as much as is practicable, will drive for self-sustainability
  • TMGF will adequately resource the programs and administration to ensure efficiency whilst caring for its people
  • TMGF will ensure all programs are delivered effectively
  • TMGF will be transparent in reporting the outcomes of all programs and governance activities
  • TMGF will engage with other organisations where synergies will enhance success of the programs

Foundation Values

Our Mary G Foundation values supports our commitments and objectives. We will always consider cultural issues and protocols.

  • Contribution to Fellow Humans
  • Integrity Authenticity
  • Credibility Honesty/Truth
  • Creating a Legacy
  • Passion
  • Spirituality
  • Empowerment
  • Consistency
  • Self-Worth
  • Cultural Consideration

We need your help

We are always seeking the continued support from the public, government initiatives and corporate partnerships.

The Mary G Foundation has a very clear aim of being efficient and therefore keeping overheads to a minimum. Overheads will be funded as much as possible from interest earned on money invested, meaning all of our donations will reach the people the donations were intended for.

As part of our corporate partnership program, supporters are proudly displayed on our advertising and promotional material.

For more information on our sponsors or to join up please contact us directly.

We would like to take this time to say THANKYOU To all of the people who get behind the Mary G Foundation to support us in delivering on health, reconciliation, preforming arts and education.


Are you an indigenous artist? We can help!


Are you an indigenous musician? We can help!