I am a ‘Kitja’ woman and I come from a place called Margaret River station here in the Kimberley.

A Bit About Me

I was taken away from my mother as a little girl and never met my family again until I was older. A lot of people say that this did not happen or that it was for our own good. What good was that I ask?

‘My dream is for recognition and reconciliation by Australia for our Indigenous people and also the recognition that Australia was built by multi-cultural people’.

I am also called ‘the Big Black Queen of the Kimberley’ and I am the ‘closest thing to Royalty in the country’ as I am the ‘unofficial Queen of Australia’ and the ‘Queen of the people of the Kimberley’.

I choose to wear the colours of my home – the Broome area – where the ground is fire red and the sea is blue. I support and will stay with these colours as these colours make up a balance between me, a living energy, and nature itself, the earth. A connection we must all make with our mother the earth, the land.

Some people see me as a big mamma but I am really your favourite aunty and share with you all my views and fun that make us all laugh. I believe that laughter is a healing tool and if we all had a good laugh from the bottom of our hearts to the bottom of our bottoms, we would be healed by positive energy.

There is a greater energy, spirit that is at work in the world around us and we must identify and learn to live with this.

Please book me for your next event or festival or even just contact me to communicate.

Book Me

Please book me for your next event or festival or even just get in touch for a chat.

Mary G Gossip

This is an evolving space, like mankind. Here’s the goss on me:

  • Continue touring on demand as a solo act or with my hot band The G-Spots
  • Host of a new TV talk show ‘Straight Shootin’
  • My new album ‘Pardon My Passion
  • My role in ‘Stone Bros’ movie as ‘Aunty Carol’. I had great fun!
  • Writing my own feature length ‘Mary G’ movie and a new TV show
  • Launch of my new record label ‘Whaddayow Music
  • Promote well being amongst our people

Mary G Live

Mary G has featured, starred and dominated some of the most prestigious entertainment venues throughout Australia. She has had her own season at the Sydney Opera House; Melbourne Play Box Theatre; Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane; toured throughout Western Australia, Northern Territory and far North Queensland.

Mary G has also appeared at most top venues and conference centres as part of evening Conference dinner and also as a guest presenter.

Mary G has demonstrated her ability to fit into any venue, any event at any time and with anybody. She also has the gift to be able to turn a serious event or conference that is dealing with sensitive issues into a human perspective that we all can take part in without feeling politically correct. 

Mary G has also toured, visited and performed in very isolated communities from Central Australia, Northern territory; Central Desert WA; far north Queensland and so on. She has a huge Indigenous following throughout Isolated Australia and cross many boundaries of culture, language and country.

She is loved by all.


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“We are all one people living in this country we call home. Australia is like combination fried rice, all mixed up but plenty of flavour”.

Mary G