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Mary G uses comedy as a tool to address politically sensitive issues, to raise health and education awareness among indigenous communities and to add a smile to your day. Across Australia, indigenous health services and 162 indigenous radio stations air the weekly Mary G radio show.

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Together we march as one, walking in two worlds

Support the Mary G Foundation and help deliver lasting social benefits to Aboriginal people through initiatives centred on health, reconciliation, performing arts and education.

Meet the man behind Kimberley’s favourite Aunty

Mark Bin Bakar, an accomplished singer and songwriter, fosters cultural engagement as an entertainer and public speaker.

Mark is available for public speaking events on indigenous issues including health, empowerment and well being.

Mark is also a singer, sound recordist, composer, television/film writer, director and producer … a man of many talents!

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Dr Mark Bin Bakar

“I stand proudly as an Aboriginal on this planet and find my own journey in life, creating my own pathway. Listen to your ‘Liyan’, listen to your spirit, listen to your feelings.”

Mark Bin Bakar – Interview about Youth in the Kimberley.